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Attention! Please print these documents in “patterned” white Buffalo A4 sheet and BORDERLESS. *Tips : To make it borderless printed, make sure to print in pdf mode, and then set your print mode in custom scale. Don’t forget to make sure you already set the appropriate paper size (A4) in printer setting (Advanced). ASISTANCE SHEET […]

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For those who participate in Simulation Practicum should print the document with the following conditions: Front cover, dividers, and back cover of module book shall be printed in colors, the contents may be printed in grayscale. The module should be bound with duct tape and coated with clear plastic mica. PRACTICUM MODULE

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For the student who take the course of Simulation Practicum for Odd Semester 2017 / 2018 Period, please follow this step: (PLEASE USE GOOGLE CHROME IN YOUR PC) Fill up the registration form by clicking here After submitting online registration form, you are expected to collect the files below to the Simulation and Industrial Application […]

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