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In an effort to expand cooperation in the field of research and dedication, Simulation and Industrial Applications Laboratory of Industrial Engineering UB conduct field study to PT Güntner Indonesia on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016. LSAI Field Study Team consists of three lecturers of Industrial Engineering UB namely Mrs. Rahmi Yuniarti, ST. MT., As the Head of Laboratory, Ms. Ceria Farela Mada Tantrika, ST., MT .. and Mrs. Wifqi Azlia, ST., MT., along with 8 Lab Assistant and 3 Simultant. The event begun at the opening by the Simulation and Industrial Applications Laboratory and welcoming speech from PT Güntner Indonesia given by Mr. Luhur Wibisono as Deputy Manager Dep. Industrial Engineering PT Güntner Indonesia and Mrs. Fitria Puspitasari is also a graduate of Industrial Engineering UB’09 at 09.00 AM. Then proceed with the presentation and discussion by both parties. Led by Rima, Assistant Coordinator, made a presentation about introduction of LSAI and Lab assistants research in the field of simulation has been successfully done in an effort to establish the cooperation through the MoU.

1472799313192 “We are interested in the various studies that have been conducted by Simulation Lab” said Mr. Luhur Wibisono. He added, “in a challenging production nowadays, we see that the optimization of production facilities we have is very important. Therefore, we are very grateful one of the Simulation Lab Assistants has successfully helped us in the effort to change one of our production layout by simulation with Promodel software.” The series of event then proceed with a session of production line visitation, discussions, merchandise handover, and closing with photo session at 12.00 PM.


PT. Güntner Indonesia is one of the leading multinational companies and is part of the Güntner Group centered in Germany which is one of the companies engaged in the heat exchanger technology in the world. Güntner Group established PT Güntner Indonesia in 1996 took place in Jakarta and Pasuruan. Currently, PT Güntner Indonesia is growing rapidly with a variety of production technologies they owned. One of them is the ERP, which connects the flow of information and database of all Güntner Group in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, and others. PT Güntner Indonesia has a special Department of Industrial Engineering formed in 2009 to improve the production quality and capacity. The department is famous for improvement changes of work optimization namely Kaizen.