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Simulation and Industrial Application Laboratory (LSAI) has a mission to develop education in the field of simulation science as well as establish cooperative relationships with other parties. In addition to study trip, another way to accomplish that mission is to visit a particular company or industry. In the even period of 2016/2017, LSAI got the opportunity to visit two companies, namely PT. Sido Muncul in Semarang, Central Java and PT. Primissima in Sleman District, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.

The first visit on August, 14th 2017 at PT. Sido Muncul, LSAI assistants and lecturers had been awaited by a public relations division member of PT. Sido Muncul who later guided the tour around factory and warehouse. In this factory, shown were various kinds of production activities of powder and liquid herbal medicine with different types and purposes, some of the brands are Tolak Angin, Kuku Bima, Anak Sehat, to the most recent product that is Tolak Linu. On an area of ​​approximately 10 hectares, there is also agro-tourism area where most of the medicinal plants are collected. LSAI assistant team and lecturers also paid a visit to this agro area while riding on a ‘rabbit train’ provided by Sido Muncul. After walking around, the assistants and lecturers transferred back to the meeting room for a question and answer session while served with efficacious herbal drinks. The visit ended as Rahmi Yuniarti, S.T., M.T. as Head of Laboratory Simulation and Industrial Applications handed over a vandel and gift to the representative of PT. Sido Muncul.

Next visit on August, 15th 2017 at PT. Primissima, a textile company primarily owned by the state. LSAI assistant team and lecturers were warmly welcomed by the company, even accompanied by Head of Planning, Design and Production Control Department. The visit formally began as LSAI lecturer, Marudut Sirait, S.T., M.T. delivered the remarks. Some conversations were held here and there before handing over the vandel and gift from LSAI to the company. Afterwards, LSAI assistants and lecturer paid a visit to the production floor, guided by the company representative. LSAI assistant team and lecturers went to see the factory, laboratory, as well as the batik galleries. Questions and answers naturally flowed in between. At the end, a photo session ended the company visit in PT. Primissima.