a.   Issuing all letters relate with Laboratory

b.   Recording all incoming letter archieves to the book of archieve

c.   Recording all issuing letter archieves to the book of archieve

d.   Keep all incoming letter

e.   Keep all copies of issuing letter in the server

2.Practical Report Files

a.   Collect both of hardcopy and softcopy of practical reports

b.   Collect program softfiles

3.Minutes of Meeting & Attendance

a.   Make the minutes of meeting for specific activities

b.   Make the attedance list of daily activity or routine


a.   Updating the list of laboratory’s inventory

b.   Sticking the label of  laboratory’s inventory

c.   Reorganize all numbering of small inventories

5.Reference Books

a.   Making and updating the list of books borrowing

b.   Collate and sort all books convenient with the books’ numbering

c.   Updating reference books’ list in the laboratory

6.Guest List

a.   Updating the guest list of laboratory


a.   Reorganize all practitionare data

b.   Collating practitionare group

c.   Printing and sticking the scoring form

d.   Writing the letter of satisfied

e.   Making the attendance list for practitionare

8.Special Archieves

The work program can be seen here