1.Website Design

a.  Updating Form List of practical activities

b.  Updating Introduction Announcement

c.  Updating Human Resource laboratory’s profile

d.  Updating all image related to practical activities

e.  Adding page of Journal review and sharing session information

f.  Updating practical information

2.Wall Magazine

a.  Poster

b.  Sticking the assistant image

c.  Updating all information about laboratory to the wall Magazine


a.  Designing Header and Footer of Practical Report 2014-2015

b.  Designing Header Footer of practical module 2014-2015

c.  Designig the divider of Practical report 2014-2015

d.  Designing uniform for assistant

e.  Designing Contact Person Poster

f.   Making and Designing Buletin

g.  Designing opening recruitment Poster

h.  Managing all assistant for taking picture used for Contact Person information

4.Creative improvement

a.  Make a kaleidoscope

b.  Updating Website

c.  Sticking Notice information for every laboratory’s activities on the door

d.  Sticking Notice information for available assistant in the laboratory

e.  Accreditation picture frame

The work program can be seen here