1. Do checking to the user and server computer

a.  Do virus scanning virus to user,operator, and server computer

b.  Cleaning all obsolete files in user, operator, and server computer

c.  Checking all software relate to the needs of laboratory (Promodel,Arena, Ms. Office, Ms.   Visio, windows 8, etc)

2.Maintenance of Laboratory’s Inventory

a.  Do checking of the ink and the printer’s technical function

b.  Do checking to all connecting cables for every user, operator, and server computer

c.  Repair all broken laboratory’s inventory

d.  Do checking of the list of laboratory’s inventory

e.  Do a routine cleaning to all laboratory’s inventory

3.Procurement of Laboratory’s Equipments

a.  Procuring all equipments that laboratory’s needed

b.  Re-procuring all broken or run out equipments

c.  Installing software relate to the development of laboratory (Promodel,Arena, Ms.Office, Ms. Visio, windows 8 dll)

The work program can be seen here