LSAI committed to continuous process improvement to some discrepancies found in the audit process and the complaints and suggestions that come from the stakeholders. This process is done to ensure that the process is conducted in accordance with the expectations of stakeholders and prevent nonconforming product. Therefore, management review prepared by considering all aspects related directly and indirectly to the effectiveness and efficiency of the management system. The results of the management review is the basis for improvements in the next service system.

At this time the new management review in evaluating the organizational system at the assistant level. Management review conducted in several stages. In general, the management review process is carried out as follows:

  1. Preparation of management review. Beginning with the preparation of the technical implementation of the concept of management review, consisting of the schedule, the data needed for management review materials and tasks.
  2. Implementation of the management review. Related data collection program LSAI by each division with reference to the laboratory’s quality objectives. Each of these areas are given time to discuss the achievement of quality objectives respectively. The result of this discussion is accompanied by a description of obstacles, corrective and preventive or new breakthrough made in the implementation of its programs. The results are presented in a forum discussion meeting conducted laboratory for compilation and analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the system. Management review not only to evaluate laboratory in general but also peformed to evaluate work program each divison, work peformance, and interpersonality each assistant
  3. Reporting management review. The compilation and analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the system in LSAI formulated in a written report. The concept of a written report is submitted to all personnel LSAI to be re-examined. Furthermore, the report submitted to the Chairman and Secretary of the Department for guidance and policies related to the process and the services provided by LSAI.

Feedback from customers or stakeholders LSAI include evaluation of satisfaction and complaint handling. Evaluation of customer satisfaction can be divided into two main parts, namely from the Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering and other customers related to the work program and activities LSAI. To the satisfaction of the leadership, LSAI has requested Head of Department of Industry to provide an evaluation of the performance of LSAI appropriate quality objectives and achievements of the work program. As for the other customers, the evaluation is obtained from the simulation practitioner

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