Being superior laboratory in the field of science and technology development simulation techniques related to science and industry as a means to engage in education, research and service that contribute to society.


  1. Providing a means of learning, practicum, research and community service that can produce graduates who have high competitiveness in the field of simulation.
  2. Implement and develop the science and technology base, and applied technology using simulation software and software applications related to industrial engineering.
  3. Providing training in order to improve the quality of resource  providing services to stakeholders through education, research, and community service, especially in the field of simulation and industrial applications
  4. Establish good cooperation in the field of education, improving the quality of operations of Tri Dharma University, and research collaboration.


  1. Assist and support the Industrial Engineering Program as a center for research in the area of ​​simulation systems and to produce work of research and community service that is useful for the development of knowledge and expertise in the field of Industrial Engineering.
  2. Developing technology to support activities in the laboratory so that the simulation system to the laboratory that excels in the field of system simulation and industrial applications.
  3. Supporting science in Industrial Engineering simulation systems and industrial applications in order to achieve the level of efficiency and effectiveness are high.
  4. Provide laboratory experiences for students including modeling, simulation, and system and application in the real world.
  5. Establish a network of cooperation with industry stakeholders and the public.


“There is no the best system, but there is always better one”


  1. Devoted to God Almighty.
  2. Assistant will assist the Head of the Laboratory of Simulation and Industrial Applications with a professional, with honesty and sincerity.
  3. Help faculty, student and practitioner in the research and development of science and simulation in the simulation lab activities.
  4. Assistant to create and maintain good relations with the entire academic community in the Engineering Industry.
  5. Assistant independently or together and strive to develop and enhance its capabilities in research and development of science simulations.