Teknik Industri Universitas Brawijaya

Vision, Mission, Goal, Motto & Notice Service

Monday August 19th, 2013 admin


To be a leading laboratory in Asia in the field of simulation science and technology development related to industrial engineering and also to implement Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi.



  1. Conducting practicum and learning activities related to simulation science and industrial applications
  2. Apply and develop basic science and technology, applied science and technology using simulation software related to industrial engineering.
  3. Conducting training in order to improve the quality of human resources and provide services for stakeholders through education, research, and community service, especially in the field of simulation and industrial applications.
  4. Establish good cooperation in education, operational quality improvement of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, and research cooperation.



  1. Assist and support the Industrial Engineering Department as a research center in the field of system simulation, to conduct research and community service in order to develop knowledge and expertise in the field of Industrial Engineering
  2. Develop technology to support activities in the laboratory in order to become a laboratory that excels in the field of simulation and industrial applications.
  3. Support science in simulation and industrial applications to achieve high efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Provide laboratory experience for students including modeling, system simulation, and its application in the real world.
  5. Establish cooperation with stakeholders and community.



“There is no the best system, but there is always a better one”



  1. Serving to God Almighty.
  2. The assistant will assist the Head of Simulation and Industrial Application Laboratory with professionality, honesty and sincerity.
  3. Assisting lecturers, students and practitioners in research and development of science and simulation in laboratory activities.
  4. Assistant creates and maintains good relationships with all academic community in Industrial Engineering.
  5. Assistants independently or jointly strive to develop and improve the competence in research and development of simulation science.